WASD movement

Press space while you have yellow charge to fly and enable lasers

LMB to shoot lasers while powered up.

Fly through rings to recharge power or to OVERLOAD your powers, which turns your laser vision into deadly explosive energy balls.

Keep your lasers trained on the cannons for 10 seconds to explode them, or hit them with a single overload ball.


Overload, can you hear me? I don't know if that comms chip in your head is still working after we unfroze you.

Listen carefully. You remember how to use your powers? Press space to activate your flight and laser vision powers. But BE CAREFUL. You only have so much power at a time. It will regenerate but it'll do so slowly.

If you find any of the power rings out there, you can fly through them to gain a boost to your power. And if you get enough boosts, you'll overload and your laser vision will turn into massively damaging bombs that can destroy anything!

To stop the invasion, you'll have to destroy all of the turrets on the mothership.

Good luck Overload! we're counting on you!

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