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You and your friends were just playing baseball in the street when suddenly someone hit it out of the park! And right into the town's local haunted house....

Venture inside and solve puzzles while avoiding the children who became lost before you... and become a lost child yourself as the natural aura of this place changes you into one of the lost...

During the game jam rating period, you will start with the game state of the person who played before you. And the person after you will start with the game state you left them. So if you die, no need to fear, another brave soul will be able to pick up where you left off.

You can join the discord for this game at https://discord.gg/sa8HTJ29 to discuss puzzles or let people know where you left items. The server even has a bot that will detect and announce to the whole discord that the game has been beaten!

WASD to move, space to drop items.

Made for Bored Pixel Jam 9 by Jacob and Alek


Gold-Windows.zip 30 MB


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This game is no longer multiplayer post-jam. The server has been shut down.

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decent game  7/10